We had lots of activity around the two bird boxes in our front field the other day as a pair of bluebirds and a pair of tree swallows battled it out for possession. I first noticed the swallows swooping about, chattering, and occasionally perching on the weather station anemometer:

A tree swallow perches on the anemometer

The swallows would swoop in to check out the boxes:

A tree swallow checks out one of the boxes

At the same time, a pair of bluebirds were busily guarding both boxes—the female taking up positions on one, and the male on another:

The male bluebird guarding one of the boxes

At one point, the more aggressive mail bluebird attacked one of the swallows:

The male bluebird attacks the tree swallow

Things simmered down a bit after this attack. I’m not sure which box the bluebirds finally chose (if indeed they did choose one), and we’ll have to see if the swallows will be taking up residence in the other box (the two boxes are about 60′ apart). Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!

The bluebird pair on one of the boxes

Sony A7II, Sigma 100-400mm lens @ 400mm, ISO 800, f/8, various shutter speeds