By late May, some early flowering plants have already gone to seed. You’ve no doubt seen these silver tufts along roadways and ditches, and maybe you thought they were dandelions. But no, they’re the seed heads of coltsfoot, one of the earliest flowering plants that we have here in Vermont. Like dandelions (which are also producing their seedheads) coltsfoot disseminates its seeds by wind action as each toughs of silver fibers are connected to individual seeds. Here’s a dandelion seedhead for comparison:


I’ll agree that coltsfoot looks a little rangy compared to the nifty seed-stalk-and-fluff setup sported by dandelions, but it too gets the job done!

Sony A7II, Sony 90mm macro lens, ISO 800, f/20, f/22 respectively, 1/500″, 1/100″ respectively.