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August 2017

Huntington Eclipse

Moon bites the sun…

The eclipse at its maximun (60.5% of totality) here in Huntington. Note the sunspots on the lower left…

Nikon D600, Meade LX90, 2000mm, Mylar solar filter, ISO 100, f/?, 1/1250″ exposure.

Dogwood berries

Dogwood berries against the sky

There’s a clutch of pagoda dogwood along Taft Road that have been beckoning my to take some photos. The dark purple-black berries on their bright red stems contrast so well with the green foliage. A shallow depth of field allows for some ethereal bokeh of the blue sky beyond.

Nikon D600, Sigma 105mm macro lens, ISO 800, f/5, 1/640″ exposure.


Dew beaded spider web strands

Spider web strands hold beads of dew like stings of pearls. The drops cling to the sticky material that spiders place at intervals along their webs to capture prey.

Nikon D600, Sigma 105mm macro lens, ISO 640, f/8, 1/1000″ exposure


Morning dew on sensitive fern

Morning dew forms perfect beads of water on the tip of a sensitive fern leaf.

Nikon D600, Sigma 105mm macro lens, ISO 1250, f/16, 1/500″ exposure.

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