A pair of mourning dove chicks on our barn windowsill

Last week I posted a shot of a mourning dove sitting on the nest built on the windowsill of our barn attic. I checked back in yesterday, and those eggs I’m assuming the dove was sitting on are now a pair a pretty big chicks! According to my “Sibley Guide to Bird Life & Behavior”, mourning doves will have multiple broods of chicks in a season—as many as 4 or 5—laying 2-4 eggs per brood. Incubation lasts 12-14 days, and chicks fledge 11—16 days after hatching.  By the looks of them, these two aren’t that far away from leaving the nest!

Sony A7II, Sigma 100-400mm lens @ 400mm, ISO 800, f/8, 1/160″ exposure.