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Willows pop in our front field

Many species of willows are popping out now. These soft “pussies” are along the fenceline of our front field.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 1600, f/13, 1/50″ exposure.


Elm buds encapsulated in ice

The recent freezing rains (ugh) left a little magic behind in the form of a layer of ice on branches and twigs. These elm buds have a pretty thick coat!

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 800, f/3.2, 1/2500″ exposure


Tamarack gold in our front field

We planted two tamaracks in our front field a few years ago, and they’re doing quite well. This time of year, these deciduous conifers turn a brilliant yellow-gold before dropping their needles. They’re one of the last brightly colored trees in the fading fall.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 800, f/8, 1/200″ exposure.



The purple magnolia in my Mom’s front yard is in magnificent bloom. The movers came today to take her stuff to her new apartment. All’s well if not a tad bittersweet. Transistions…

Bluebird day…

Looking north towards Mt. Mansfield from the summit of Camel’s Hump

It was a fine morning to climb the Hump today. Although there was very little snow in the woods even up at the ridge meadow, traction aids were a must as the trail is still pretty much ice covered above 2500′.

Going up the icy trail!

In the woods

A little experimentation with motion blur in the Audubon Nature Center woods this morning…

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 14-140mm lens @ various lengths, ISO 100, f/22, 0.2″ exposures.


Iced magnolia buds yesterday morning

The season of wacky winter weather continues. Yesterday morning’s icing event coated our backyard magnolia (and everything else) in a good layer of ice before the south winds drove the temperature up to 51 by mid afternoon.

Panasonic GM5, Lumix 14-140mm lens @ 88mm, ISO 800, f/10, 1/60″ exposure.


Bark curls off a dying birch

Looking at birch bark from a slightly different angle. Golden ratio anyone?

Panasonic Lumix GM5, Lumix 30mm macro prime, ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/1600″ exposure.


Oak leaves becoming encased in mineral deposits at Saratoga Springs

We spent the Thanksgiving weekend with family in Saratoga Springs. While exploring the State Park, I came across these oak leaved as they were slowly being coated and encased by mineral deposits flowing out of one of the springs.

Panasonic Lumix GM5, Lumix 14-140m lens @ 61mm, ISO 400, f/5.2, 1/200″ exposure.

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