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Lake Champlain

Where’s my dinner?

A juvenile osprey shrieks along Otter Creek

We paddled several miles upsteam on Otter Creek yesterday from its mouth at Lake Champlain towards Vergennes. We saw several ospreys (along with other critters) including this juvenile who was perched in a maple above the bank and relentlessly shrieking as we passed by. I took several shots including ones that made the kiddo look pretty noble, but I kind of like the goofy look on its face in this one. We joked that it was hollering for mom or dad to come feed it—”Mom! Dad! Where’s my dinner?”

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 100-300mm lens @  300mm, ISO 800, f/8, 1/1600″ exposure.


Sunlight dapples sand and stone at Shelburne Beach

We made a brief stop at Shelburne Beach yesterday afternoon. The Lake Champlain water level is quite low right now (93.87′ feet—the record low was 92.61′ above mean sea level on December 4, 1908.) There were numerous sandbars exposed going out past the usual pebble and stone shoreline. The sunlight dappled nicely as small wavelets lapped across the sand. The stones in the shot are Iberville shale, a distinctive dark gray and white shale streaked with calcite. 

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 14-140mm lens @ 73mm, ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/500″ exposure.


Open Water

Calm, open water at Shelburne beach

We went down to Shelburne yesterday to check out an interesting exhibit of rug-hooked renderings of Tarot cards at the All Souls Interfaith center (highly recommended!) Afterwards we drove down to the Shelburne town beach to catch the view. As one might expect from this winter, the lake was wide open. I liked the way the slips of ice had covered the rocks in the foreground.

Panasonic Lumix GM5, Lumix 14-140mm lens @ 14mm, ISO 400, f/14, 1/100″ exposure.

On deck

A bluebird day on Lake Champlain
A bluebird day on Lake Champlain

Crossing Lake Champlain on the Burlington to Port Kent ferry.

Sony RX100 III, ISO 125, f/11, 1/160″ exposure

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