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The Queen’s Basket

Dried Queen Anne’s lace makes a basket for its seeds

This dried Queen Anne’s Lace caught my eye the other day—I like the way it holds its seeds like a basket ready for the coming growing season (whenever that arrives!)

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 800, f/8, 1/320″ exposure.

Pushing Up

Bloodroot pushing its way up through the moss

The bloodroot down by Fargo Brook is starting to push its way up out of the soil. This little shoot was less than a half-inch tall.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 1600, f/8, 1/125″ exposure.

Red Trillium

Red trillium blooming along Taft Road

Red trillium (also known as wake-robin) is blooming along Taft Road. This wine colored three-petaled flower is a real eye-catcher against the forest floor this time of year.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro, ISO 1250, f/10, 1/160″ exposure

False blister beetles on a trout lily

False blister beetles eating pollen and mating on a trout lily

While bushwacking up above the Camel’s Hump Nordic trails today, I came across several trout lilies in full bloom. Kneeling down to get a good shot, I noticed this congregation of false blister beetles feeding on the pollen and mating. According to Mary Holland’s excellent “Naturally Curious Day By Day”, these beetles are commonly found on trout lilies (the lilies being one of the early spring ephemerals) where they eat and do their business pretty much at the same time.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro, ISO 800, f/11, 1/160″ exposure.

Eye to eye

Looking a black-eyed Susan in the eye

This wonderfully colored black-eyed Susan (rudbeckia) caught my eye as I headed for a swim at Blueberry Lake in Warren, VT.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 1600, f/2.8, 1/500″ exposure.


The crab spider makes a catch!

Following up on yesterday’s “Dubious welcome” post, the little crab spider’s patience paid off as it managed to grab this honey bee as it visited the coneflower. I can only imagine the struggle as it’s hard to believe such a diminutive a spider could capture such a big bee. Quite the prize!

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 1600, f/13, 1/1000″ exposure.

Along the edge

Delicate chicory stamens dusted with pollen

A close up view of a chicory blossom reveals delicate stamens dusted with pollen.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro, ISO 800, f/8, 1/320″ exposure.

Blue Damselfly

A blue damselfly rests briefly on some bracken fern

This little blue damselfly was zipping about in the bracken ferns along Delfrate Road as I walked the other day. The shade of blue is quite striking to my eye!

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 1600, f/10, 1/250″ exposure


A poppy in bloom in our back garden

The poppies are popping in full bloom in our back garden.

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 24-140mm lens @ 140mm, ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/1000″ exposure

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