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Emerging rows of corn along Shaker Mountain Road

Yesterday’s breaking clouds allowed for splashes of sunshine across the emerging corn rows along Shaker Mountain Road. Following the rise and fall of the land, the rows remind me of topographical lines on a map.

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 14-140mm lens @  34mm, ISO 400, f/18, 1/400″ exposure.

Plaza Blanca

While visiting New Mexico recently, our intrepid host took us to a favorite hiking location—Plaza Blanca in Abiquiu. Abiquiu is where Georgia O’Keefe had her studio and painted much of her later work, including “From The White Place” featuring Plaza Blanca. The layered white sandstone hoodoos tower, and eroded volcanic boulders litter the landscape. Interestingly, the property is owned by the Dar Al Islam Education Center and Mosque which is nearby.


Looking southeast from the summit of Poke-o-Moonshine

Fall foliage is approaching peak color in parts of the Adirondacks. The view from the top of Poke-o-Moonshine was stunning the other day. Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains are visible along the horizon in this view to the southeast.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 9-18mm lens @ 9mm, circular polarizing filter, ISO 800, f/16, 1/160″ exposure.

Low tide

Low tide at Wolf Point Beach, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

The tides in the Bay of Fundy average around 35′. When they’re out, there’s a lot of real estate exposed to wander about on. We took a walk on Wolf Point Beach in Fundy National Park, New Bruswick. A barnacle encrusted driftwood log made a nice frame for Robin strolling along.

Panasonic GX8, Olympus 9-19mm lens @ 9mm, circular polarizing filter, ISO 800, f/13, 1/125″ exposure.

After the rain

Sunset clouds, a crescent moon, and rising mist after yesterday’s rains

Welcome rain fell yesterday afternoon. We certainly needed it! After the showers cleared, the sky to the west lit up with fine sunset colors, and the crescent moon hung quietly in the sky above the post rain mists. I took this shot from the volleyball court.

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 14-140mm lens @ 46mm, ISO 800, f/4.8, 1/160″ exposure


Wheat ripening in the Farr’s field in Richmond

The Farr family planted wheat in part of their bottomland fields on the south side of Richmond. Usually, that field’s planted fully in corn (there is some growing down along the Winooski River), but I welcome the change in texture and color. We don’t see much wheat planted in these parts…

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 14-140mm lens @ 40mm, ISO 800, f/8, 1/1600″ exposure.

Smokey Mountain Sunset

Sunlight drains from the sky over the Great Smokey Mountains

We spent a few days in the Smokey Mountains on our way back north. Watching the colors drain from the sky over the layered ridges was quite the treat!

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 14-140mm lens @ 46mm, ISO 400, f/8, 1/40″ exposure

Seagrass filigree

Seagrass filigree at Bahia Honda beach

Seagrass forms a wavy line along the water’s edge at Bahia Honda beach in the Keys.

Panasonic GX8, Lumix 14-140mm lens @ 19mm, ISO 500, f/10, 1/1300″ exposure.

Flowering Dogwood

Dogwood flowering near Charlottesville, VA

Spring may be reluctant in Vermont, but in Virginia, the dogwood is blooming nicely!

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